Uniswap Labs Establishes Venture Arm to Fund Web3 Projects


  • Uniswap Labs has launched a venture unit dubbed Uniswap Lab Ventures
  • Uniswap Lab Ventures (ULV) aims to fund projects focusing on web3 that are aligned with the company’s vision
  • The team  at ULV will also be participating in the governance of portfolio protocols beginning with Aave, Compound Finance, Maker Dao, and ENS Domains

Uniswap Labs has announced the launch of a venture unit aimed at funding projects focusing on web3 projects ‘with a mission and values aligned’ to theirs.

Dubbed Uniswap Labs Ventures (ULV), its goal will be ‘to unlock universal ownership and exchange for everyone, starting with bringing millions of people into the emerging web3 economy’. Furthermore, Uniswap Labs Ventures will invest in teams at the various stages and levels of the web3 stack. This includes infrastructure, developer tools, and customer-facing applications.

The team at Uniswap Labs Ventures has an immense background in crypto project development. It is well-positioned to support teams they invest in, leveraging its experience in strategy, product, partnership, engineering, and design.

Additionally, Uniswap Labs Ventures is part and parcel of the Uniswap protocol community. Therefore, they are aware of the importance of responsible protocol governance. Consequently, ULV will participate in the on and off-chain governance of the protocols it plans to invest in. The team at ULV so far plans to participate in the governance of MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, and Ethereum Name Service protocols.

Teo Leibowitz will be at the helm of the efforts of ULV as Ventures Lead alongside MC Lader, who will be the Chief Operating Officer. In an interview earlier today, Mr. Leibwitz explained that the firm placed a lot of emphases ‘on the tenacity and vision of the founders’. He added:

Beyond that, we look for projects that will advance the benefits of Web3 and user adoption. In all cases, we seek to support teams that can benefit from our experience and expertise as a fast-growing crypto-native company.

The Uniswap ecosystem has benefited enormously from third-party contributions, and we’re excited to pay it forward by sharing our experience and expertise with our peers.

[Feature image courtesy of Pixabay.com]

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