UFC Championship Announced Bitcoin Bonus For Upcoming PPV Events

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced a new cryptocurrency bonus for its pay-per-view events. According to the announcement, the championship will distribute $60,000 worth of Bitcoin to fighters, determined by a fan vote.

The Bonus Is Part Of Crytpo.com’s Sponsorship Deal

The new bonus is part of the Championship’s 10-year sponsorship deal with Crytpo.com and the MMA Company, which is worth $175 million. The deal is the biggest sponsorship in the history of the UFC. According to the deal, each PPV event will allow fans to vote on the most deserving fighters. The third-place fighter takes $10,000 while the second place fighter goes home with $20,000. However, a $30,000 bonus pay goes to the winner of the PPV event.

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UFC president Dana White stated that the partnership deal between UFC and Crytpo.com has been for less than a year, but the partnership deal has been one of the best the Championship has ever had. The president added that the new Fan Bonus of the night is a great way to ensure more fan engagement while offering rewards to the fighters for their excellent performances.

The First Bonus Begins At Upcoming UFC 273 Event

Endeavor-owned UFC has often been criticized for how it compensates fighters. In other top U.S. leagues, 50% of their revenues go to their athletes. However, UFC only offers about 30% of the revenues. Additionally, the Championship offers a complex tiered system where the actual compensation for a fighter is determined by the level of experience the fighter has.

But apart from the rewards for their fights, they still receive a payout for promo and week-of-activities, which usually includes money for wearing Venum apparel.

The first Bitcoin fan bonus will be introduced at the upcoming UFC 273, which is the Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie PPV event on Saturday. The Bitcoin fan bonus is different from the normal Fight of the Night bonus reserved for the fighters.

With the addition of the Bitcoin bonuses, UFC is poised to offer more rewards and compensation to the fighters for their performances in the ring.

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