Tron’s Justin Sun Outbids Elon Musk, Offers to Buy Twitter at $60 Per Share


  • Justin Sun has issued a counter-offer to buy Twitter at $60 per share
  • Justin’s bid is 10.7% higher than Elon Musk’s at $54.20
  • The founder of Tron wants to see Twitter become a private entity, more open, and adopt a decentralized Web3 framework
  • Crypto Twitter had mixed feelings about Justin Sun’s offer to buy Twitter

The founder and former CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, has proposed a counter-offer to Elon Musk’s intent to buy Twitter at $54.20 per share.

Mr. Sun, who is now an ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, is offering $60 per share to buy Twitter. This amount is roughly 10.7% higher than Elon Musk’s offer.

Justin Sun Would Love to See Twitter Becoming Crypto Native and Web 3 Friendly

Just Sun supports Elon Musk’s initiative to reform Twitter and added that he would love to see the social media platform become ‘crypto native and web3 friendly’.

Mr. Sun’s plans for Twitter include moving the company offshore and making ‘its workforce decentralized so that it can be more neutral and less US-centric’.

Additionally, he would like to see Twitter become more open and decentralized with a Web3 framework. According to Justin, Twitter’s code should also be open-source and friendly to developers.

Justin concluded his vision of Twitter by hoping that the platform would encourage more user engagement and develop mechanisms to eradicate scammers and bots that have continually plagued it.

Crypto Twitter Had Mixed Feelings about Justin’s Offer to Buy Twitter

Justin Sun’s offer to buy Twitter generated ‘mixed feelings’ from crypto Twitter. Below is a sample of some of the responses from Crypto Twitter.

This is a much better offer. I didn’t think a deal could get done for less than $58. The problem is no one believes you will actually pay the purchase price. You don’t have a great reputation in this area – by @MikeAlfred

Send official offer letter or this is just clout farming – by @degengambleh

Bro they’re not gonna accept your chuck e cheese token funny money – by @greg16676935420

Do we want JS involved in any of this? Its a very rhetorical question – by @TheRealSHA256

No one believes @justinsuntron will even file with SEC – by @SteelyRivers

[Feature image courtesy of Justin Sun on Twitter]

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