Stablecoin Economy Is $10 Billion Away From Reaching a $200 Billion Market Cap

The stablecoin economy has grown during the last month as the market capitalization is now only $10 billion away from reaching the $200 billion mark. While the largest stablecoin, by market valuation, tether (USDT) swelled by 3% during the last 30 days to $82 billion, terrausd (UST) has increased by 15.4% to $16.7 billion.

Stablecoin Economy Swells by 1.65% in 30 Days Nearing the $200 Billion Milestone

According to statistics on Monday, April 11, 2022, the stablecoin economy is worth $190.1 billion. During the last 24 hours, stablecoins have captured $68 billion in trade volume out of the aggregate of $107 billion worth of today’s global trade volume. The largest of the bunch is tether (USDT) and over the last 30 days, USDT increased by 3%. Tether now holds an $82.6 billion market valuation which represents 4.21% of the entire crypto economy.

The second-largest stablecoin usdcoin (USDC) saw a decline over the last month dropping 2.9%. BUSD also dropped during the last 30 days, losing 1.2% during the timeframe. The fourth-largest stablecoin, in terms of market capitalization, terrausd (UST) spiked by 15.4%. UST’s market capitalization on Monday is $16.7 billion or 0.85% of the entire crypto economy’s current value at $1.96 trillion.

Makerdao’s DAI is the fifth largest stablecoin today with $8.9 billion, but during the last 30 days, its market valuation slid by 4.9%. Neutrino USD (USDN) has been having troubles in recent times keeping the $1 peg, but it’s market cap over the last 30 days increased by 70.2%. Besides USDN’s steep jump, HUSD spiked by 16.8% during the last month increasing its market valuation to $294 million.

Gemini dollar’s (GUSD) valuation saw a steep decline over the last month losing 23.9% during the timeframe. Trueusd’s (TUSD) market cap has also lost 9% during the last 30 days as well. Despite some of the losses during the last month, the entire stablecoin market valuation has expanded by 1.65% in 30 days.

With Terra’s UST at $16.7 billion and BSC’s BUSD at $17.8 billion, UST is coming awfully close to surpassing the BSC stabecoin. Additionally, after swelling another $10 billion higher than today’s current stablecoin economy value, the fiat-pegged crypto assets will reach the $200 billion milestone.

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