NFT Sales Increased by 34% This Week, Azuki Takes Top Sales, NFT Interest Remains Low

Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have increased this week after a small 2.15% drop the week prior. During the last seven days, NFT sales are up 34.62% from $579 million to $779 million. The NFT collection with the most sales this past week was Azuki, as the collection’s NFT sales jumped 94.68% higher than the week before.

NFT Sales Rebound After Last Week’s Drop in Volume

  • NFT market activity has picked up some steam over the last week as NFT sales increased by 34.62%, according to current statistics on Monday. The $779 million in sales derived from 14 different blockchains, and Ethereum sales saw the second-largest increase. Ethereum NFT sales are up 40.39% this week gathering $672 million of NFT sales during the last seven days.
  • The largest sales increase took place on the Wax blockchain as Wax-based NFT sales increased by 142.68% this week. Following Wax and Ethereum NFT sales, the third-largest amount of weekly NFT sales by blockchain network is Solana, which spiked 21.07% during the last seven days.
  • The most expensive NFT sale during the last week took place 17 hours ago when Cryptopunk 8865 sold for 450 ether or $1.57 million. Cryptopunk 4985 was the second most expensive NFT sale, gathering 217 ether or $732K at the time of settlement. The third-biggest NFT sale this week was Bored Ape Yacht Club 1562 for $697 million or 200 wrapped ether (WETH).
  • Azuki took this week’s top position in terms of the NFT collection with the most NFT sales volume. Out of 735 buyers and 1,115 transactions, Azuki’s sales increased 94.68% to $95 million this week. The second-largest NFT sales volume this week stemmed from the NFT collection called Something as it collected $51 million in sales over the last seven days.
  • Clonex was the third-largest in terms of weekly sales volume as it increased 268.62% from the week before. Out of 571 buyers and 731 transactions, Clonex sales volume during the week was around $50 million.
  • NFT interest has dropped significantly since the high in mid-January when it scored a 100 on the Google Trends (GT) platform. Two weeks ago the search term “NFT” scored a 39, and last week GT’s NFT score was 38.
  • This past week, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs saw the floor value surpass 100 ether per NFT. Presently, BAYC’s floor price is 110 ether or roughly $380K for the lowest valued Bored Ape.
  • BAYC’s floor is followed by Bored Ape Chemistry Club (33.2 ether), Azuki (26.889 ether), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (24.55 ether), and Clonex (20.3 ether).

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