Myspace founder predicts blockchain gaming to be ‘dominant place’ for socializing

Former Myspace CEO and founder Chris DeWolfe believes that “play-to-earn represents the future of gaming.”

While many gamers are critical of blockchain-based gaming, Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe believes adoption is on the way as the business model inherently provides players more control over their in-game experiences.

DeWolfe, who is now the CEO of game development firm Jam City, told Cointelegraph that “the quality of the game and how developers interact and engage with players to set expectations” could eventually change the perception of skeptics. 

Jam City founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe. Source:

The former Myspace CEO also compared the advent of Web3 gaming to the early days of Web2. According to DeWolfe, many analysts were skeptical of the viability of Web2 advertising and business models:

“They also weren’t sure about the quality of user-generated content and if it would be interesting, so there were naturally concerns over adoption. However, MySpace is really a perfect example of just how powerful user-generated content would become.” 

Similarly, DeWolfe said that, while there is skepticism about the current gameplay quality and adoption rates in blockchain games, the industry will flourish as games become more fun and interesting:

“It’s early days, but we are encouraged by what we’re seeing and confident that blockchain games will continue to gain traction if they are interesting and fun to play.” 

Back in 2021, Jam City launched its blockchain division and released the blockchain game “Champions: Ascension.” According to DeWolfe, the game focuses on community engagement going as far as inserting one of the most active members into the game’s lore. 

DeWolfe also highlights that blockchain-based entertainment will be a platform that dominates socialization and commerce in the future. “We predict it will be the dominant place where we all socialize, are entertained and conduct commerce,” said DeWolfe. 

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Meanwhile, Japanese game manufacturer Sega is looking to include nonfungible tokens in its Super Game project that aims to link multiple games. Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said in an interview that cloud gaming and NFTs are a “natural extension for the future of gaming.” 

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