Loser Club Floor Price Up 53% After NBA’s Kyrie Irving Displays the NFTs on Twitter


  • NBA’s Kyrie Irving has changed his Twitter profile photo to a Loser Club NFT
  • He has also Tweeted his new avatar alongside another Loser Club NFT
  • His actions have resulted in the floor price of Loser Club NFTs rising by 53% and transaction volume increasing by 1,144% in the last 24 hours

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets and the Cavaliers that won the 2016 Championship has changed his Twitter avatar to a Loser Club NFT, causing the floor price of the digital collectibles to increase by 53%.

Furthermore, changing his Twitter profile photo into a Loser Club NFT resulted in a 1,144% increment in their transaction volume in the last 24 hours.

Kyrie Irving Shares an Additional Loser Club NFT on Twitter

Mr. Irving went on to tweet a second Loser Club NFT on the social media platform with a simple caption that reads ‘can I shake the room?’

Additional Loser Club NFT Metrics

At the time of writing, the floor price of Loser Club NFT stands at 0.428 ETH, which translates to roughly $1,300 using Ethereum’s value of $3,200.

Additionally, 1,826 Loser Club NFTs have been sold in the past week bringing the trading volume to $2.1 million. The NFTs are owned by 5,381 Ethereum addresses, with 10,000 Loser Club NFTs currently in circulation.

Loser Club Floor Price Up 53% After NBA's Kyrie Irving Displays the NFTs on Twitter 2
Loser Club NFT stats courtesy of nft-stats.com

NBA Kyrie Irving’s decision to embrace the Loser Club NFTs on Twitter has resulted in a knee-jerk reaction of the floor price from around 0.28 ETH to current levels of 0.428 ETH. The floor price of Loser Club NFTs has had an all-time high value of 0.68 ETH experienced on March 15th, 2022. The NFTs also witnessed their lowest floor price of 0.11 ETH around the same time on March 11th.

Loser Club Floor Price Up 53% After NBA's Kyrie Irving Displays the NFTs on Twitter 3
Loser Club NFT floor prices to date. Source, mintalytics.com

Loser Club NFTs Celebrate Non-Conformity and Spontaneous Activity

The Loser Club NFTs are the creation of ‘Todd Nebula’ (J’von), who was ‘clearly never cool’. His goal is to sell art, put money back to the holders, and create ‘a hub for all losers to commune and create together’.

Loser Club is rooted in the degen philosophy of being contrarian. The Loser Club NFT website says:

We’re bohemian hedonists. We celebrate non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.

For real raw artwork, the real utility is behind getting to know the artist and it is the people who determine value.

Loser club is deeply rooted in contrarianism. A reflection of the present day. Being a degen.

Let’s be the new majority. It’s the loser’s time.

[Feature image courtesy of Loserclub.io]

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