Gaming in a 3D Virtual World: How to Gamble in a Decentraland Metaverse

Meta is creating new opportunities for the players in the world of gambling where the face of online gambling is going to change from a website to a 3D virtual world. And Decentral Games have already taken a step ahead by creating a gambling club in the Metaverse, which has generated $7.5 million in the last three months, and about 6’000 users are logging in every day to gamble on Metaverse since it was announced. Over 1,000 players are playing ICE Poker, which is a virtual casino in the Decentral Games platform in Metaverse. 

So, what is Decentral Games, and how is it different from other online casinos? You will get the answer by proceeding further.

Decentral Games by Miles Anthony

You all will be familiar with GTA and also have played this exciting game. This is a very popular game among players, and many childhood memories are attached to this franchise. It offered all the freedom to buy properties, customize your Avatar with some exciting apparel, purchase a gun, cars, and bikes, visit bars and casinos, and many more activities to perform. Something similar is going to happen in Metaverse, where every action performed in this game is going to be real, obviously virtually.

Decentral Games and Amnesia Ibiza are developing the world’s first Virtual Club in the Metaverse. Decentral Games is the first community to set up an online casino in Metaverse by acquiring a partnership with Amnesia Ibiza and naming the club ‘Amnesia Ibiza Club’. This is a unique club on its own, giving you the platform to enter the casino via your Avatar and introducing the Play-to-earn concept in the Metaverse. 

It caught popularity in a very short time due to its unique concept of gambling, and most importantly, this is the first casino club in Metaverse, which has already created hype. So, this club is going to change the way of gambling, and how the whole gambling industry is going to change its functionality and appearance?

How to Gamble In a Metaverse?

Amnesia Ibiza Club gave us some vision of gambling in Decentraland. This club uses NFTs to purchase the game and play offers various games. With the context of this platform, some of the possibilities are concluded in how you can gamble in Decentraland.

The Virtual Casino Club

Amnesia Club has opened a new way of online gambling in the Metaverse, and to compete with this platform, a variety of casinos will be available which are dealing with their websites in the present time. The virtual building will be available like in the real world, where you will be entering via your Avatar and choosing the games present in that casino. Joker123 and other online casino brands make their first steps in the Metaverse.

In today’s world, there are many online gambling platforms where we log in to their website and play the games or download the app and start gambling. This scenario is going to change. You will be facilitated to take direct membership by visiting the casino and playing the games that you want. The tradition of apps and websites will finish, and only static websites will exist to give some information about the platform, maybe in a new way. And in this, you will start your journey to gambling in Decentraland Metaverse.

Use of NFTs and Digital currencies

As we have seen, Amnesia Ibiza Club uses NFTs as deposits to play the game, and players purchase the NFTs to invest in the games and get rewards in the form of Non-Fungible Token, which can be auctioned in various NFT marketplaces or players can store them as an asset to sell them in the future for higher profit. 

The use of Cryptocurrency and NFTs is going to be popularized in Metaverse and is going to be the future of transactions. Most casinos have already adopted these digital assets and are using them as a deposit or for transaction purposes. Metaverse is itself a decentralized world, so there will be excessive use of decentralized currencies, especially in the gambling industry, where everyone needs to be safe and secure while playing. 

Way of Approaching Games

In the present time, casino games are present on websites, or you access those games through apps available on your phones. As is the virtual world, these games will be available live in front of you in the 3D environment. With the use of VR devices, you can play those games, and the powerful sensors will help you to feel the games.

Decentral Games have launched the ICE poker, where the company provides virtual space for the players to play with others by sitting together. This is going to become more advanced as you will feel the 3D environment of the Metaverse and can read the expressions of the players with whom you will be playing, which will make the game easy to understand.

Unique Way of Socializing in Casinos of Metaverse

Though casinos have adopted the online mode, there are so many glitches that are needed to fix. You cannot interact with your friends or with other players that we used to do in the real world. There is no social engagement with the people, and though we play with unknown players, we don’t feel like they are present. 

So, with the introduction of online casinos in Metaverse, a new way of socializing will take birth. You can hang out with your friends, obviously, with the help of your Avatar, meet new people and play with them and gain the full experience of casinos that you feel in traditional casinos.

Final Thoughts

Since Facebook has announced its Metaverse, people have been trying to find out how this world would be. What will be the appearance of the people, what are the new opportunities arriving, jobs and many more? 

Metaverse, being the giant world, there will be so many things to do as we used to live in the real world, and the traditional casinos that we have behind due to the introduction of online gambling are going to revive. The casinos will take a new virtual face with a traditional touch.

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