Finance Redefined: MetaMask institutional offering, Polygon to go carbon neutral, and more

In this week’s DeFi newsletter we look at the growing market of Metamask, Polygon’s pledge to go carbon neutral and more.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) world saw another week of increased on-chain and developer activity while token prices entered the second week of the bear market, with many of the tokens bleeding in double digits over the past week. MetaMask expanded its institutional offering by partnering with four institutional custodians, while Polygon has pledged to go carbon neutral.

We will also look at how users can bridge different tokens to the Polygon network and look into Reputation DAO, a project that collateralizes users’ private information for DeFi loans.

MetaMask expands institutional offering by integrating new crypto custodians

DeFi wallet and browser extension MetaMask formed a new strategic partnership with four major crypto custodians: Gnosis Safe, Hex Trust, GK8 and Parfin.

MetaMask Institutional, the institutional version of the popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask, announced on Wednesday that the new integration will provide decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with key management tools to participate in DeFi activities.

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How to bridge tokens from other chains to the Polygon Network

Bridging assets could help solve issues like scalability, speed and high fees. Bridging means users can move their tokens between blockchain networks quickly and cost-effectively.

The Polygon Bridge is used for cross-chain transactions between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. It allows users to transfer ERC tokens and NFTs to the Polygon sidechain through smart contracts. This guide will show you how to bridge Polygon with other blockchains.

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Reputation DAO: Would you give up privacy for unsecured loans in DeFi?

An ambitious new decentralized autonomous organization has built a data service for lending platforms that records a user’s financial reputation to reduce the amount of collateral needed for a loan. It has partnered with Chainlink and that protocol’s founder, Sergey Nazarov, is an early backer.

Users of Reputation DAO will have traditional financial data such as Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer, credit scores and banking data tied to their account. The data is designed to help ease friction in obtaining a loan from a decentralized platform but raises questions about security and the principles of zero-knowledge lending.

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Polygon commits to going carbon neutral in 2022

The Polygon network announced on April 12 its commitment to going carbon neutral and climate positive this year by releasing their “Green Manifesto: A Smart Contract with Planet Earth.” They also made a $20 million pledge to offset their carbon footprints and buy extra credits to eventually become carbon negative.

Part of the Ethereum scaling solution’s plan for a more sustainable future includes providing resources for ecosystem partners who also want to offset their carbon footprint. Additionally, they hope to facilitate NGOs to make donations that go toward fighting climate change.

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DeFi market overview

Analytical data revealed that DeFi’s total value locked has registered a $5 billion dip over last week, reaching $125 billion at the time of writing. Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView shows that DeFi’s top 100 tokens by market capitalization saw another week of bearish decline.

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The case of the $600 million Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge hack saw another twist on Thursday as United States officials tied the perpetrators of the hack to the infamous North Korean hacker group Lazarus.

Thanks for reading our summary of this week’s most impactful DeFi developments. Join us again next Friday for more stories, insights and education in this dynamically advancing space.

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