DecentWorld On Building NFT Metaverse to Increase Trust in Virtual Real Estate

This groundbreaking platform presents users with a whole new way to experience pay-to-play gaming and collect NFTs.

Members can purchase and resell virtual real estate assets like never before: they will have the freedom to combine their NFT Streets into tailored Collections and generate yield. The team behind DecentWorld has shared its thoughts on the project and the unique opportunities users can expect to discover. 

Opening the Door to NFTs for Everyone

DecentWorld is a unique blend of the latest gamification trends, blockchain technology, traditional financial asset management, and stylish, high-end style. DecentWorld is powered by carbon-neutral blockchain tech, too, which is vital in an eco-conscious world. The whole metaverse will benefit from this revolutionary platform.

The team said:

Our goal was to build something new, that will let users buy unique NFTs and generate yield, out of what has already been shown to work. We were committed to this objective from the start, and are passionate about making the platform as accessible to as big an audience as we can. That’s why we decided to digitize the whole world and make it decent.

DecentWorld is designed to provide users with a safe, secure experience, with KYC, strict data privacy, user verification processes, and two-factor authentication in place. DecentWorld also has a native currency, DWRLD, which is a utility token with a limited supply. 

The team started by assessing the most vulnerable parts of NFT gaming and approached it with the precision the Swiss are known for. Using an agile process and harnessing some of the most talented people in the industry, DecentWorld’s team managed to create a working method with the slick efficiency of a Swiss timepiece. 

A Cutting-Edge Cocktail of NFTs and Gaming 

DecentWorld is a high-quality platform produced through the finest Swiss craftsmanship, operating with powerful security features and incredible game logic. It offers users a unique way to buy and trade digital real estate while having fun. 

“This is the future,” DecentWorld’s creators said. “Virtually all progressive governments on the planet are exploring blockchain tech as a solution for numerous systems to suit evolving user trends. But we’re not aiming to be on blockchain just for the sake of it. Certain things make sense to be on blockchain, though, and so they are. 

Ultimately, we’ve chosen to put a fresh spin on what exists in the NFT space today by making it secure, certified, and trusted. We’re dedicated to making sure that DecentWorld’s users understand the actions they take on our platform.

The team feels it’s crucial that it provides users with the ability to complete off- and on-chain transactions, with some of the top Web3 wallets incorporated into the payment process. 

It also wants to incorporate the best practices from the real world into DecentWorld’s operations — that’s why NFTs and user-owned assets are certified. The unique certification boasts strict security details, and is made with long-standing graphic practices inspired by jewellery art and numismatics. Prospective instabilities are precluded by sustainable, well-structured tokenomics. 

Swiss credibility is well known across the globe, and DecentWorld represents traditional Swiss innovation. It’s owned by Swiss Asset Management AG, which has years of experience in licensing and various other services across finances and compliance.

Building an Intuitive Platform 

DecentWorld benefits from a clean, user-friendly interface that ensures an intuitive, smooth user experience. The team has worked hard to build a platform that feels exciting and high-end.

Users will soon get to explore the price-offering options for secondary market P2P transactions and will be able to promote their assets. DecentWorld provides the opportunity to boost property values within a couple of clicks, and various cashier options are or will be available. These include cryptocurrency payments, bank transfers, card payments, and instant currency exchange functions. 

Furthermore, users can take advantage of profile customisation, and collecting assets will allow them to level up. Users will get to go on a fascinating journey unlike any they have experienced before. 

Additionally, users can use the in-platform messaging system to interact with one another quickly. They can already access support whenever they need to thanks to the platform’s 24/7 customer support. 

DecentWorld’s creators commented: 

We’re building the platform as we go, so the product’s quality and user feedback are crucial. We don’t want to rush into releasing anything that falls short of our own high standards. As this is a dynamic system, we aim to transition to an internal economy from a legacy one, and intend to open our APIs. Other developers will be invited to try app integration into our ecosystem in the future.

Affiliate programs and bonus systems will also be available. During the project’s second developmental stage (in the third quarter of 2022), a mobile app and mobile version will be released, too. 

DecentWorld Bio:

Built in Switzerland, DecentWorld is a digital real estate metaverse platform based on the latest blockchain technology. Users can buy and trade digital NFT Streets and build Collections, which will automatically garner yield over time. DecentWorld will distribute any yield garnered at frequent intervals. High-end security features will also protect users, and cultivate transparency and trust.

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