bitsCrunch teams up with Mastercard for Web3 initiative

bitsCrunch, a verification facilitating platform, has announced a partnership with Mastercard. The two companies will work together on a Web3 project. Web3 has attracted much attention globally, and companies are now turning the much-hyped sector.

Mastercard is one of the leading financial institutions globally. The company has embraced crypto innovation, and it has already launched services to allow its clients to access the buzzing cryptocurrency sector.

bitsCrunch partners with Mastercard

bitsCrunch is a platform that provides verification services for digital assets, and it also supports security tools such as Crunch DaVinci, Liquify and Scour. Buyers and sellers on the platform can adopt the tools needed to detect various illicit activities done using digital assets.

Some of the fraud cases that can be detected using bitsCrunch are digital wash trading, asset forgery, and digital assets’ value. Users can also adopt these tools to the NFT marketplaces they are using. bitsCrunch also allows users to monitor NFT trends and updates when using Unleash NFTs.

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A recent report from bitsCrunch said that the new platform to be created with Mastercard would be incubated in the Master Start Path. The latter is a global startup platform created to boost engagement. The two firms will work together to allow customers to access cutting-edge solutions.

“With tech-savvy tools, an incredible team, and industry expertise, bitsCrunch ensures consistent quality and safety across the digital asset startups. Collaborating with MasterCard Start Path helps us deliver the best-in-class solutions to emerging crypto industry customers and transform business landscapes. Also, we are glad that bitsCrunch will be incorporated into the Mastercard Smart Path program shortly,” said Vijay Pravin Maharajan, the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch.

Mastercard’s move into crypto

Mastercard is a leading financial asset provider that has moved toward the cryptocurrency industry. The company is venturing into cryptocurrencies to bridge the gap between the crypto and non-crypto sectors. Mastercard can allow users to buy digital assets using fiat currencies and through their debit cards or credit cards.

bitsCrunch will also be allowing non-crypto users to secure their digital assets. This will be possible by allowing users to access various cryptocurrency tools. According to the press release, the Mastercard Start Path program will be designed to facilitate startups in their financial stages to achieve growth through technology solutions.

Mastercard will also provide expert solutions to the later-stage startups that need them and its global network of partners. The global ecosystem for Mastercard also plans to help the companies that are venturing toward new markets and seeking expansion into new offerings.

“With Mastercard, startups around the globe can develop platforms across open banking, predictive financial modelling for small businesses, smart rental payments, and more. The partnership with bitsCrunch allows companies to access MasterCard’s global ecosystem and reach new audiences through MasterCard customers. The collaboration will provide safe and secure transactions, which will enhance the brand’s credibility,” said the Mastercard Start Path Program Team.

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