5 Top Crypto to Buy this Week – April 2022 Week 3

Cryptocurrencies provide investors with the opportunity to speculate and maximise profit and revenue. Several crypto assets are available, but the top crypto to buy this week provides some of the best yields for investors.

This guide provides information on the price movement of the top coins and why investors should buy them.

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a lottery-centric token that provides valid use cases in the lottery system while providing investors with high yields. The crypto asset trades at $0.0025 and has provided over 1500% profit to investors since January 2022.

Long term holders of LBLOCK get a share of the 12% tax levied on sell transactions and a share of the 10% winning fee from every concluded jackpot. The asset uses a randomised selection system to provide transparency to lottery players.

Lucky Block is on the verge of establishing higher highs as it reports some of its achievements since its launch. The Lucky Block network protocol has successfully released the beta version of the Android app on the Google Play store. The team has also scheduled the delivery of Windows MacOS applications to run on the testnet for this week.

Futhermore, the platform is putting in place the most important features users need to have a seamless experience.

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2. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a sophisticated blockchain focused on building secure and scalable solutions without compromising decentralisation. Instead of one, the blockchain works with three chains to provide an agile network protocol: the Platform chain, exchange chain, and contract chain.

AVAX Price ChartAVAX trades at $76.18 and is retesting before trading at a higher price peg, as indicators shows. The current price peg provides a good entry point for investors to buy into the Avax market and earn a good profit.

The asset is moving on to create better infrastructure as the blockchain has partnered with Coinbase Cloud to provide blockchain infrastructure solutions and services for Avax users and developers. Avalanche is a fast network protocol that resolves transactions with near-instant finality and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. The partnership with Coinbase Cloud will provide secure and reliable staking infrastructure and empower developers to build better projects.

The Coinbase cloud has a public validator that allows delegators to stake their AVAX easily and securely. Validators help to support the growth and security of the network by verifying transactions, participating in consensus, and adding blocks. Delegators can contribute to validators who do the blockchain’s most important job by staking tokens.

In addition, The Coinbase Wallet, SDK, empowers developers to expand their app reach to millions of users, providing access to the Avalanche ecosystem.

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3. Solana (SOL)

Solana is a smart contract network that is proffering scalability solutions. Crypto experts consider it to be the fastest blockchain available; it processes over 50,000 transactions per second. This helps it to rank as one of the top crypto to buy this week. SOL trades at $104.27 and is retesting to surge higher in price.

SOL Price ChartThis is one of the high performing blockchains available. It has made better improvements to build more adoption and value as the market recovers. The Alpha version of Neon EVM is now live on the Solana DevNet. This means that Ethereum developers looking for how to build on Solana using Solidity now have a stable EVM to use.

The functionality of the EVM has been confirmed, and it meets two crucial infrastructure components: NeonScan, a block explorer for Neon developers and users to track transactions, and an Indexing Dashboard that is essential for monitoring Neon EVM performance and efficiency. Moreover, the dashboard will also help Neon operators to monitor gas prices and statistics.

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4. Terra (LUNA)

Terra leverages the power of fiat-pegged stable coins to provide stability and scalability to blockchain transactions. The crypto asset is valued at $85.70 and is on a downtrend, providing investors with the best entry point. Terra is regarded as one of the top crypto to buy as it constantly integrates with other blockchains to build stability using its stablecoin.

LUNA Price ChartThe Luna Foundation Guard, a non-profit organisation, built to support Terra, is set to purchase $100 million worth of AVAX to boost the Luna stablecoin reserve. The Terra stablecoin, UST, is already backed up by a Bitcoin reserve worth about $10 billion. It recently added $230 million worth of Bitcoin on Wednesday last week.

Terra is ramping up its reserve to ensure the stability of the UST against the Dollar. The UST stablecoin is not backed by any fiat currency and has maintained its dollar peg. The strategic partnership with Avalanche will allow Avalanche users to trade UST for AVAX tokens directly on the Avalanche blockchain. This improves adoption for UST and draws more investors to the Terra blockchain.

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5. Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is focused on interoperability as it is designed to create an ecosystem comprising interconnected blockchains. It is considered one of the top crypto to buy this week as it makes constant upgrades and integrations relevant to its objective. ATOM is trading at $25.17 and is just on the verge of an upward trend, providing investors with an opportunity to buy-in.

ATOM Price ChartThe blockchain has been gearing for the release of the Theta Upgrade. The Theta Upgrade launched on the test net in March 2022. Also, the Mainet is scheduled to be released on April 12th, 2022, at block height 10085397.

The Theta Upgrade represents a giant step towards Interchain accounts by enabling the Cosmos Hub to be a host chain. After the upgrade, other blockchains will be able to create and control accounts on Cosmos and perform native transactions.

Scheduled as the next step would be the Rho Upgrade, which will allow Cosmos to be a controller chain. Hence, Cosmos will be able to perform transactions to these chains, which creates a perfectly interoperable system.

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