Next Cryptocurrency to Explode – April 2022 Week 1

The crypto market has been trading sideways to establish new resistance and support prices in the last few days. As a result, investors are utilising the current influx of the market to scout for the next crypto to explode in 2022.

This article explores the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential to secure high yields for investors:

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LuckyBlock is a lottery-centric token that is amassing many investors. It currently ranks highly as the next crypto to explode. The token caters to the problems plaguing the lottery system and resolves issues of transparency and distribution of wins. It has provided investors with over 1000% of their investment and is moving towards higher price ranges. LBLOCK currently trades at $0.003 as it tests support prices and aims to establish new highs.

The blockchain has been trying to build its system into a seamless and effective platform for lottery players. The platform has successfully launched its Android app for beta testing. This is so users can to feel the app and provide developers feedback for improvement.

The Lucky Block protocol has also successfully launched the NFT launchpad. Investors now have access to the NFT draw and stand a chance to win a Lamborghini or $1 million. In addition, the use of the NFT launchpad gives investors a 1 in 10,000 chance to win rewards. This is significantly fair, compared to conventional lottery systems.

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Cosmos (ATOM)

The Cosmos blockchain is an interconnected, open and scalable economy of the future, where transactions are decentralised, providing users with anonymity and fast transactions. ATOM currently trades at $32.39.

Cosmos is focused on ensuring that it is abreast of the most important features and improvements to function optimally. Part of its efforts to meet this goal is the v7 Theta Upgrade, including a new Interchain account module, an upgraded gravity DEX, and other performance improvements.

The Cosmos Hub has also released a new Gravity Chain upgrade to promote more interoperability and trustlessness on the blockchain. The gravity upgrade has already fostered the possibility to send NFTs from Ethereum to Cosmos. It will fully utilise the gravity bridge, which is highly decentralised, secure and censorship-resistant.

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Fantom (FTM)

Fantom currently trades at $1.59. It has been on a downtrend as it retests support prices. Hence, this provides investors with a good opportunity to buy the next crypto to explode.

The asset is an open, scalable blockchain that provides users with seamless transactions at low fees.

The blockchain has covered a huge milestone as it reaches a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. In testing scaling solutions, smart contract codes were released on the mainnet, resulting in the reception of generated NFTs in a team member’s wallet. The NFTs were traced to the consensus algorithms replicated across the servers, making the Fantom network sentient.

Fantom has also provided more ways for users to diversify their portfolios and earn more. Perpetual leverage trading is now available on FTM through the UniDex Finance platform, and Liquidity providers can now earn higher yields against trader’s positions. With the new product onboard, FTM traders do not need centralised exchanges (CEX) for reliable order security, low fees, or better execution times.

The UniDex product is a great alternative to CEX as investors can trade any asset or product and take positions on trading pairs like TSLA or exotic concepts like EthGasFees.

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Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a fully scalable blockchain that provides the triad application of a blockchain protocol; scalability, security, and decentralisation. AVAX currently trades at $97.22, below resistance levels, allowing investors to invest in the next crypto to explode.

The Avalanche is rolling out improvements that cushion users and traders from market volatility and impermanent loss. The platform has integrated with Degis, a comprehensive insurance protocol, to launch Naughty Price Protection (NPP). The NPP protects users against great token price fluctuations from standard market changes and black swan events.

Other integrations on Avalanche are in the pipeline as the platform has integrated with Bright Union to enable DeFi investors to transact in the Avalanche ecosystem. Bright Union will cover investors’ digital assets against hacks, scams and protocol failures. The integration also broadens the market for DeFi coverage and makes risk management more accessible to the crypto community.

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Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand aims to provide solutions to blockchains through a fully scalable network protocol. The crypto asset is one of the next crypto to explode in 2022 as ALGO costs $0.92. Experts project that it will be worth more as the year progresses.

Reasons for such lofty projections stem from the recent collaboration with Trantorian, a space-themed 4X NFT. The Algorand blockchain fulfils Trantorian’s criteria for the perfect blockchain concerning general architecture, permission type, proof type, and speed. Algorand follows similar philosophies as the Trantorian project and provides the optimal environment for such a sustainable project.

Folks Finance has revealed its delegated Algorand liquid governance, which aims to leverage liquid ALGO to unlock the Algorand Foundation Governance worth 3 billion.

The governance enables all ALGO holders to participate in the Algorand ecosystem’s decision-making process. Holders commit their ALGO tokens and they get a reward of 6% to 24% Annual Percentage Reward (APR) at the end of a proposal period.

The Folk Finance platform allows governors to commit their tokens and provide gALGO, a twin ALGO with a 1:1 rate.

Investors can use the gALGO as they wish, such as depositing the Folk Finance pool and locking them as collateral to borrow supported assets. After governance rewards, the gALGO can be used to redeem the committed ALGO and claim rewards.

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