Moonbirds NFTs Top 24hr Trade Volume at $157M, as Floor Price Increase By 5x

Quick take:

  • Moonbirds NFTs currently top the list in 24-hour trade volume at $157 million
  • The Moonbirds NFTs went on sale yesterday, April 16th, and are dominating the daily and weekly trade volumes
  • Their trade volume has exceeded that of Meebits and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs
  • There are currently 6,920 holders of Moonbirds, with their floor price has increased by a factor of 5 since their launch

The Moonbirds NFT project has launched with a bang by shooting to the top of the 24-hour NFT trade volume at $157 million.

At the time of writing, the Moonbirds NFT project has a market cap of $137.37 million and ranked 13th overall in terms of market value. Additionally, the floor price of Moonbirds NFTs currently stands at 12.88 Ethereum, which is five times higher than it was (2.5 ETH) when they were minted yesterday, April 16th.

Moonbirds NFTs Top 24hr Trade Volume at $157M, as Floor Price Increase By 5x 3

The 24-hour trade volume of top NFT projects. Source,

Moonbirds Also top the NFT 7-day Trade Volume

Trade volume dominance of the Moonbird NFTs also extends beyond the 24-hour time frame. At the time of writing, the NFT project has the highest trade volume in a seven-day time period. They have also managed to beat the weekly trade volume of other popular NFT projects such as Meebits, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and CryptoPunks.

Moonbirds NFTs Top 24hr Trade Volume at $157M, as Floor Price Increase By 5x 4
The 7-day NFT Trade volume. Source,

Only 10,000 Moonbird NFTs in Existence, Ownership Guarantees Exclusive Access

10,000 Moonbirds were minted, with 6,920 addresses holding at least one NFT.

Each Moonbird unlocks private club membership such as access to a private Discord server, exclusive Moonbird-related drops, parliament meetups, access to future projects, and the PROOF metaverse.

Moonbird NFTs can be locked up and nested without leaving their owner’s wallets. Nesting allows them to accrue additional benefits such as new tier levels and upgraded nests. The latter enables enhanced drops and rewards for holders of the NFTs.

[Feature image courtesy of @moonbirds_xyz on Twitter]

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