Bitcoin SV Price Slumps 14.1% to $122.79 – How to Buy BSV

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, better known as

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BSV is trading at one of its lowest points this year. In just a month, the coin has lost around 27% of its value, and after a slight recovery during the May crash, the token is back to trading at highly low levels.

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However, trading at its lowest presents a good entry position for investors. The price fluctuations to the downside may be insignificant at the current level, hence lowering the risk for investors who purchase the token now. The current level is ideal for investors who want to go short and sell when the price adjusts to an uptrend.

The uptrend depends on support from Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. If Bitcoin crashes lower than the $30K mark, there is a high chance that Bitcoin SV may retreat to the $100 levels and go even lower. Currently, BTC is trading at $32K, after another fall in the past 24 hours.

Before the May crash, Bitcoin SV was at play between the $180 and $200 resistance levels. Going by the current value, the lower support level is at $120, and if the token retreats to below $120, it might trigger a selloff as investors rush to reduce their losses. However, the effects of the selloff may be buffered by investors who want to enter at below $120.

The team behind Bitcoin SV has been working to push for the adoption of the token’s underlying blockchain network. At the beginning of June, the Bitcoin Association, a global industry association based in Switzerland, introduced a Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) update to the Bitcoin SV network. The update would enable scalability and maintain peer-to-peer functionalities by allowing users to verify payments on the network without executing a full network node.

As mentioned, Bitcoin SV’s potential of scalability compared to other similar blockchains such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash places its native token at an advantage. However, the adoption of the token is lower compared to its other two counterparts.

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